About Us
ImageMAKER Development Inc. is a global provider of Document Imaging and Document Conversion software products. Our market leading Document Conversion utilities are sold around the world to corporations and software developers for use in a wide variety of document messaging, document storage, and document workflow applications.
ImageMAKER Desktop and Server Conversion Products have been licensed for corporate use by companies such as Quicken Loans, GE Power Systems, Aid Association for Lutherans, WorldCom, Norske Systems, Ryerson Tull, British Energy PLC, . BancTec AB, Mid America Business Systems, Alliant Energy, Liberty Insurance Services, and Cynet Inc.
ImageMAKER OEM software products have been integrated into many top selling fax, unified messaging, document conversion and document delivery applications by over 225 OEM's. Companies that have incorporated our technology within their products include Microsoft, Lotus, EasyLink (formerly Mail.com), MessageClick, MCI, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Cable & Wireless, Motorola AirCommunications, Canon, Nortel Networks, Lucent Technologies & Octel (now Avaya), Nippon Telephone and Telegraph International, Telecom Finland (Sonera), Alcatel and many more, with an estimated 55 million client desktop installs around the world.
Formed over 20 years ago, our team consists of highly experienced sales and software development professionals dedicated to assisting and working with current and potential clients to make sure our products integrate seamlessly with our customers' applications.
Our organization is fully committed to ensuring that our customers get maximum value and support from our relationship through:
  1. Flexible licensing arrangements suited to our customers needs, by either:
    • Licensing for a one-time, up-front fee;
    • Based on royalties;
    • Perpetual lease, or
    • Site licenses.
  2. Custom support services designed to assist our customers in getting their products to market quickly through a flexible range of cost-effective services designed to ensure rapid and seamless integration of our components and meet their specific requirements. Our custom support services offering complements our customers development team with integration advice and development expertise gained from over fifty integration projects in application areas including E-Mail, CTI, MFD (Multi-Functional Device), Fax, Document Delivery Systems, Unified Messaging, Embedded and Mobile applications.

  3. Custom development services, including the modification of existing products, and development of new products to meet customer requirements - either on a fixed price, or hourly rate basis.

  4. Annual support programs, designed to give our Customers responsive service and regular product updates.

ImageMAKER products

Proven Technology:  

Automated Document Conversion Server for converting documents to TIFF, JPEG and PDF.

Looking to automate the conversion of HTML, DOC, PDF, WORD, XLS, PPT, MSG, PST, and other document formats to TIFF, JPEG, PCL, Postscript and PDF? The conversion server is an ideal tool-set for use in E-Mail, Fax, Imaging, Document Delivery, Document Storage, Litigation Automation and other Document Imaging Applications.

  • Stress tested and scalable to handle hundreds of thousands of conversions a day.
  • Contains a unique customizable utility to handle auto-close, auto-kill, pre-processing, post-processing, and monitoring of time-out conditions.
  • Support for COM, OCX, and .NET connectivity from C, VB, C++, C#, .NET, ASP and JAVA environments.
  • Can also be integrated with a UNIX server through SOAP, email, or file sharing protocol.

Product categories include Desktop, Server, and Carrier Grade conversion engines.

Client based TIFF, JPEG and PDF Print Drivers for Corporate Sites and OEM Distribution.
Millions of desktop installations worldwide.

These print drivers are fast, dependable, and field-tested on millions of desktops worldwide.

  • Designed to easily integrate with E-Mail, Fax, Imaging, Document Conversion, Document Delivery and Document Storage applications.
  • Convert native documents to TIFF, JPEG, PDF, BMP, DCX, PNG and TXT file formats by printing from the native applications.
  • Support for 1 bit (Black and White), 8-bit grayscale, 8-bit color, and 24-bit color output formats. Creates 'scanned PDF' files. Includes support for JPEG compressed TIFF, Group3 TIFF, Group 4 TIFF.
  • Easily customizable interface and free sample code.

For full details and free demo software: www.imgmaker.com or www.ConversionServer.com

Our corporate offices are situated just outside of Vancouver, Canada, in the city of New Westminster, B.C.
We can be reached during regular business hours, Pacific Standard Time, GMT-8 at: +1.604.525.2170.